Examining Your Motorcycle Financing Options When Purchasing a New Ride

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 6th July 2010

It is normal to experience uncertainty initially when you shop around for and have to settle on a motorcycle financing option. Before just going all over town willy-nilly looking for your new ride, it really is safest to constantly keep a sum in your head regarding the personal loan amount you will not exceed, no matter what. This way, you understand how much you’ll have to bargain with. If you follow this strategy, you will not end up like many who overestimate their ability to truly afford the new motorcycle of their dreams.

Certainly, motorcycle financing is usually a challenging topic, but that is why it’s really essential to accomplish your research and homework before you start shopping for a motorcycle in earnest. Keep in mind it always appears that all loan companies are providing you a great deal. When whittling down the selection of lenders, start by taking a look at the conditions and small print that the financial products always have, and make the lender acknowledge your desires.

Do not ever borrow a lot more principal than is needed, due to the fact when payback time comes, you’ll run into problems as motorcycles depreciate in value very rapidly. Ensure the payment is a fixed quantity unlike personal credit card loans. Many times, when the dealership gives shoppers motorcycle financing direct from the manufacturer, the principal tends to rise over the course of the loan term.

Motorcycle financing is difficult, which can be why it really is important to be familiar with precisely what kind of motorcycle financing the dealership is attempting to market to you. Getting a good deal on motorcycle financing can make or break your ability to buy exactly the motorcycle you’ve always wanted.

Of course, having a poor credit score will hurt your financing ability immensely. In this case, you’ll want to scour your choices of loan providers and find an agent who is willing to work with you and your specific needs in order to mitigate the negative effects of you situation. You can start improving your credit score today by paying back outstanding debts and being consistent in your payback schedule from now on.

Financing a vehicle can be an incredibly convoluted and confusing process. Protect yourself by doing your homework and not being caught off guard when you are offered a myriad of financial choices, many of which can hurt you in the long run. You’ve done your research? Good. Now go out there and find your dream motorcycle so you can ride off into the sunset!

Learn how to ride a motorcycle safely and in control at MotoLearn.com, and launch yourself on a thrilling hobby that will last you a lifetime. And once you get your new ride, keep your motorcycle in tip top shape by always using a battery tender charger when you park it. Ride safe!

Motorcycle Financing FAQ:

Question: If I bought a motorcycle and got financing for it, when my payment is due could I pay double?
Ok, so lets say I buy a 8,000$ motorcycle and I get financing to pay the amount out over 48 months. If my payment is 200$ a month could I pay double and therefore pay off the bike in 24 months instead of 48, or can I only pay the 200$ a month?

Answer: If you have an open end contract, you can pay it down anytime. Just make sure when you make you double payment that you indicate that you’re applying the other $200 as a principal reduction

Question: What documents do I need to get financing for a new motorcycle?
I am thinking about getting a bike, and I can`t seem to find a clear cut answer to my question. When I get my bike, and I finance it, do I need anything else besides proof of insurance and proof of address?

Answer: The dealer doesn’t care if you have a license but the insurance company does.To get financing you need proof of employment and a statement of debt.

Question: If I finance a motorcycle, whats the least amount of coverage i can have in NYS?
I want to finance a bike but I’m looking for cheap insurance. Whats the minimum coverage necessary if your financing?

Answer: 25/50/10 for liability limits, plus collision and comprehensive. Obviously – or maybe not – it’s the collision insurance that’s MOST expensive, when you talk about a bike.

Question: Financing for a motorcycle?
I am 21, going into the USMC in March. I currently have Zero credit and I want a motorcycle. I have a job and will be working until I leave, but I have nothing to save for so I can easily make payments. What do I do? I want to get it before the end of the summer so I can ride all summer. What is my best option? How long would it take me to get enough credit to get a loan? I’m looking at 2,000-3,000 dollar loan.

Answer: You might be able to get a loan for that amount with a job and the fact that you are signed up for the USMC – they do pay you.

For the low amount of the loan, you could try the bank that you have your checking account at or try a local credit union. Sometimes they will take a chance on you.

Otherwise, you may have to have someone like a parent co-sign the loan for you or see if you can borrow the money from your parents.

Question: What does it mean when a credit union will finance maximum 100% of MSRP on my motorcycle loan?

Answer: It means you can get a loan for no more than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

Question: Why are motorcycles so hard to get financed?
I went to 3 different loan companies and they said they will not finance motorcycles.

Answer: Mostly because of the financial crisis that the world is in. Motorcycles are considered a recreational luxury item and they are hard to get financed without perfect credit.

Question: If I buy a motorcycle and I finance do I have to pay anything out of pocket upfront? Like title,registration?

Answer: Unless you get a zero down loan, most finance companies require a down payment. In most states, insurance is required before you can get it registered and tagged. Plus in most states there are taxes that are paid based on the cost when you go to register it. Depending on where you live, these fees vary. The best idea would to be to call whatever agency handles these matters and ask them directly as to what you will have to pay.

Question: How do I get rid of my motorcycle without my credit being affected?
I purchased a motorcycle a little over two years now. I originally financed it for 13,000 brand new out the door, after these two years, I still owe 11,500.. and my monthly payment is 300. I’ve never missed 1 payment and still owe so much money due to all the money I send being interest charges. The interest rate is 16 percent, which is super high. Can someone legaly take over payments, or can I just give the bike back without my credit being affected? I can’t take this anymore, seems like I will never finish paying it. I also tried refinancing it but couldn’t do it, what other choices do I have? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Answer: Your only choices are to sell it for what you owe or get someone to take over payments. If you get someone to take over the payments, this must be done through a financing company (yours or another one of the buyer’s choosing). Otherwise, the title will remain in your name with your finance company as lienholder and the insurance must remain in your name. That makes you liable should anything unpleasant happen (an accident, the buyer defaulting or taking off with the bike, etc.).