Is Weight Loss Surgery Too Expensive?

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 7th June 2010

Weight loss is perhaps one of the biggest issues in today’s society. Since obesity is now a prominent epidemic in North America, we must seek drastic measures in order to lose weight.

Out of all the different weight loss surgeries available, the adjustable gastric band stands out among the rest. Commonly known as ‘lapband surgery’, this procedure is safe, effective, and minimally invasive.

What are the benefits of choosing lapband surgery over the other options? First of all, this is a procedure that has been performed worldwide. With over 400,000 surgeries performed, numerous of clinic studies have proven its safety and efficiency.

Second, the band is designed to be adjustable. So you don’t need to have surgery again in order to adjust it; you can easily adjust the degree you want in your weight loss, depending on your circumstances. For example, if you get pregnant, it is quite simple to loosen the band until you are ready to start your weight loss again.

Third, this procedure is quite affordable. Depending on the clinic that you go to, there are a wide variety of financing programs. They may have an in-house financing program that is designed to keep the procedure as affordable as possible. With monthly payments less than a car, and a decent down payment, as long as you keep in mind that you are investing in your own long term health, financing the procedure is easy.

One major advantage over other surgeries with the lapband is it is completely reversible. If for some reason, you want to remove it, it is just another simple procedure. As no real alteration has been done on your stomach, your stomach would soon return to its original form, as if nothing happened. However, keep in mind that the band is intended to stay in there forever.

For some, the cost of weight loss surgery seems prohibitive. But that is not true; weight loss surgery in many ways can be very important to your life. You just need to truly see it as that, and in fact, as an investment in yourself. Then you will see that it is not that expensive after all; this surgery has huge potential of changing your life completely.

You must remember one thing, and that is you are investing in yourself. If buying a car or a house is an investment, then this surgery is also. Those two things have monthly financing plans; it is fact that weight loss surgery also has such a plan. You only really need to make a down payment (the higher, the lower the monthly fees), and pay a monthly fee. If you happen to have a windfall, you can always make extra payments and reduce your monthly fees.

Shop around, as you should to find the best rates; some clinics may offer better monthly payments than others. Match it with the services that you want, some services you may want to cut out (such as extra seminars), and that may help reduce the cost. Ultimately though, remember that this is not a waste of money; you are investing in your self-esteem, your health, and your future. This investment will help you on your way to a new journey, and potentially a new life, a much higher quality of life.

The success behind healthy living is the willingness to make necessary changes to your lifestyle choices. Whether you have to modify your dietary plans or reduce any bad habits, every action you take has a reaction to your overall health. Eat healthy. Live healthy. Be healthy.

Weight Loss Surgery FAQ:

Question: Why is weight loss surgery so controversial?
I work with weight loss surgery patients. The decision to have weight loss surgery is a personal one. Why is there such a stigma on people who have surgery. Obesity is a disease. It is proven that weight loss surgery improves health. Why do people ridicule those who have surgery?

Answer: I have mixed feelings about the surgery. I have heard of a few stories where the surgery the person had caused more health problems than they had before they were obese. Also after seeing the biggest loser show and watching people shed 50% of their body weight when they were clearly obese at 300-400 lbs.; it makes it hard for me to believe that it is impossible for someone to lose weight without surgery. I also think that the surgery all depends on the person, look at some of the celebrates that have had the surgery, they look great.
You are correct though that it is a personal decision. I think as long as they know all the risks and make a life change it will all work out. I don’t agree with people who get the surgery and not change there life and then gain it all back, that just isn’t healthy.

Question: What is the best weight loss surgery to get?
I am 16 years old and extremely over weight. I have tried for years to loose weight but with minimum success. I want to get weight loss surgery to help the process. I know I can find a doctor to get this because I have called around and the doctors said they have operated on patients as young as 12. I am wondering which is the safest and most affective weight loss surgery for me?

Answer: If you are willing to spend that much money – try hiring a personal trainer to teach you how to properly work out, and a dietitian to teach you how to eat right. Give that a year and if you don’t lose at least 1-2 pounds per week, go with a gastric bypass. but remember – the surgery wont work if you don’t learn to eat right and work out.

Question: How to get pregnant after weight loss surgery?
I just had weight loss surgery 5 months ago and seem to be having problems becoming pregnant. Can anyone tell me what I could do to better my chances of becoming pregnant?

Answer: You should not be even trying to get pregnant five months after gastric bypass surgery. It’s not recommended to even TRY until 12-18 months when your weight has stabilized. Your surgeon would flip out if you told him that you are already trying!

Between your rapid weight loss, limited capacity, and still healing from MAJOR surgery, your body IS NOT READY for pregnancy.

I’m not trying to be rude, but didn’t they go over this in detail before surgery?!? I had to sign a form specifically detailing that this was discussed.

Question: How do you not shrink down to nothing after having a weight loss surgery?
I was just wondering how you do not go to severely underweight after having a weight loss surgery. Because my moms friend got one and has become really skinny, so how do you stop losing weight once you have reached your goal weight?

Answer: Weight-loss surgery changes the anatomy of your digestive system to limit the amount of food you can eat and digest. With her stomach pouch reduced to the size of a walnut, she has eat very small meals during the day. This alone can help a person loose weight. During the first year you are retraining your body and because you are eating different than you have been for the past 10-20-30 years your body looses so much weight very fast because it is burning off much of the fat and converting it to energy. After a year or 2 like most diets and weight loss attempts your body reaches its limit, it gets accustomed to the things you are doing and you will then stop loosing weight. At that point its all about working to keep it off and maintaining the new life style.

So the short answer to your question is the body will reach a plateau and stop loosing weight after about 2 years. At first everything is new and your body is burning the fat for energy because you are eating so much less than you normally do.

Question: What can you tell me about Weight Loss Surgery?
I am meeting with a doctor next week about weight loss surgery and I was wondering if anyone went through this and can give me some pointers.I have a BMI of 40 and really need this surgery. Any tips?

Answer: Please let your doctor answer this for you. I have a father who is a doctor and a sister too, I would only let my doctor answer this. But my good friend was 400lbs plus, and had the band done about one year ago, it has changed her life. So think about it, but use your Doctors info.

Question: Are there college scholarships available for teens who have had weight-loss surgery?
I had weight loss surgery in October 2008, I was wondering if there were any scholarships available to me, and others like me for a 4 year college education.

Answer: Why on earth would there be? Did the surgery make you any smarter or more suitable for any particular degree program?

Question: What Do you think of plastic Surgery for weight Loss?
I have tried Diets and weight loss programs and private trainers and I have lost weight however I have a problem area in my lower stomach (maybe because I had 3 kids and 1 was a c-section). So do you have any other suggestions? If not my only other option is weight loss surgery what surgey would you recommend? Lipo? tummy tuck? I have heard awful stories about tummy tuck.

Answer: If you’d like my honest opinion, would say tummy tuck. There will always be scary stories for everything, but this kind of surgery is ideal for what you’re describing. Because it’s not really “fat” that you’re trying to get rid of, right? It’s that skin that’s been stretched beyond natural repair, so lipo won’t do it, nor will weight loss surgery. And tummy tucks don’t cost an arm and a leg either!! I’d speak with a professional in each of the areas (lipo, tuck, weight loss surgery…) to see what makes sense to you.

Question: Does weight watchers has different plans for folks who have had weight loss surgery?
I am curious about the nutritional impact and the focus on protein first that weight loss surgery places on it’s patients. I am 5 years out and just want to drop 20 lbs.

Answer: They don’t have one certain plan for that. But you can use the plans that they have. The people at weight watchers are so nice and want to help you. I have been going there and I have lost 30 lbs. It works. And you can do it! Good Luck!

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What Are The Cost Benefits To Financing Plastic Surgery Loans vs Using A Credit Card?

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 1st March 2010

If you’re looking into cosmetic surgery, the biggest obstacle is most likely financial. Plastic surgery for procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and facelift are quite costly and not easily afforded by many. There are many fees involved that can include the surgeon’s fee, hospital and facility fees, anesthesia and medications that are all out of pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance. These fees may total between $7000 and $10,000 and in some cases can even add up to much more.

Two of the most popular and easiest ways to finance cosmetic procedures are with the use of credit cards and plastic surgery loans. Plastic surgery loans are loans tailored specifically for potential cosmetic patients seeking plastic process. Often these companies will work directly with physicians and plastic surgery clinics to help patients in getting approval for this kind of financing. There is often a much more personal touch involved in dealing with a company financial representative, and you’re also likely to get quick and easy approval. Many times you can even be approved before leaving from your initial cosmetic consultation visit.

It is usually easier to quality for plastic surgery loans than for other forms of credit, including credit cards, and these types of loans will often qualify you for much larger amounts in comparison to credit card limits. Interest rates are often very similar ranging from an average of 14% to 20%, with some cosmetic surgery financial companies offering rates as low as 8 or 9% for those with excellent credit. You should also look to see if any companies are offering a no interest grace period. You can sometimes find plastic surgery loans at 0% interest for up to 12 months.

Another advantage to surgery loans are the specific repayment terms. These are often set up for periods of 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. In this way, you have a set schedule of minimum payments due until the loan is paid. Credit cards may let you pay less per month, but this will end up costing you much more money in the long run due to extended period of time that interest will keep adding up and will keep you burdened with your cosmetic surgery debt much longer.

If you’re looking to have a surgery, loans are an option to consider for financing your operation. Be sure you are able to take on the amount of debt you are borrowing without it becoming a large financial burden to you. You’ll also need to make sure you are well informed on all terms and conditions of the loan you take out and any additional loan fees that may be attached to the original loan amount. You need to make a well informed decision with the right loan for you and your particular financial situation. If you do, plastic surgery loans are a great financing option and can make your dream of a better body a reality through the innovation of plastic surgery.

Elective surgery financing services for plastic surgery loans, cosmetic surgery financing, hair restoration, laser vision. Finance your medical procedures through low monthly plans with no down payment or collateral.

Cosmetic Surgery Loans FAQ:

Question: Is there a way of getting free cosmetic surgery?
TV progs, advertisements, anything? I want some but I’d need a bank loan. Any ideas?

Answer: You could try 10 years younger. But are you sure you need it that badly? If something affects your mental or physical health then your doctor can refer you.

Question: What’s the best way to pay for cosmetic surgery?
The procedure I NEED done is 6500 dollars. I’m 18 and have new credit and no cosigner. I have a job and I would be able to pay quite a bit every month, but I can’t wait to have this done. Would it be possible to get a bunch of credit cards and just take the money out? Or what financing companies would give me a loan?

Answer: You have “new” credit or no credit? – either way, you can borrow a cash advance from each different credit card you have depending on the limit of each card.

Question: Cosmetic surgery during credit crunch?
I want a nose job and breast augmentation. Given the current economic state, will cosmetic surgery be cheaper, in say 6 months, than say a year ago? And will it be harder to get a loan for it?

Answer: Think many many times before you lay down on that plastic surgery bed. You might regret it for the rest of your life. Even if you have endless source of money, it will not worth anymore when things gone wrong. Think twice, triple, quadruple before you do that.

Question: How can I afford cosmetic surgery??
My monthly income is like £240 a month because I only work part time as I go to college. I really want a breast enlargement but I can’t afford it and I can’t get financial ways to pay because you have to be working full time. Does anyone know how I could pay for it? Also I don’t think I have enough credit history for a big loan because I’m only 19.

Answer: Put a little aside every week. Insurance will not cover cosmetic surgery, sorry to say. And I urge you to reconsider, there are so many health risks involved with surgery, especially boob jobs. I have heard some real horror stories.

Question: Apply for a personal loan?
I’m trying to look for a loan for a cosmetic surgery that I’m planning to have. Problem is I have way less than perfect credit. Who would possibly give me a loan at this point?

Answer: Realistically, no one. No bank will give you a loan when they’ll get absolutely no collateral for the loan. In the case of a car or home loan they can take the product back if you don’t pay. With you they’d have no recourse if you were to fail.

If it’s cosmetic and not necessary you should save up and pay for it all at once.

Question: Surgery Loans?
My sister asked me to look for surgery loans on the internet. She needs $5,000.00 for cosmetic surgery. Although she doesn’t have that great of credit. Does any one have any suggestions? She has already been to her own bank and the minimum personal loan that they give is $10,000.00; of course she didn’t qualify for this one.

Answer: She can go to the Doctors office and get on a payment plan and she can pay small amounts.

Question: I live in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA how can I get personal loan with bad credit?
I entered a Part IX agreement 2 and half years ago and now discharged and fully paid my loan. How can I get a loan for $10,000 for my cosmetic surgery overseas? What are my chances?

Answer: Talk with your bank. With a co-signer all is possible.

Question: How much credit card money do I need to spend in order to build sufficient credit for a loan?
I’ve never had a credit card, never had a car loan, etc., so my credit score is zero, not enough to apply for a loan for cosmetic surgery. I’m considering getting a credit card and using it to spend the several thousand dollars in my savings. After spending all this money with my credit card, what would my credit score be? And, will it be enough to qualify for a medical loan for cosmetic surgery?

Answer: It’s not the spending that matters, it’s the paying back. Just make sure you make your payments on time.

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Ways to Fund Your Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 1st March 2010

When your insurance company doesn’t pay for cosmetic surgery because it’s elective, and you don’t have the money in the bank to pay up front, what are your options? Do you have to wait until you save up enough money before you can have the facelift, tummy tuck, or breast uplift that you want? That, of course, depends on your personal financial situation. You do, however, need to check into the options before you even go for your first evaluation.

Depending on the surgeon you choose, it’s possible you may find one who offers a payment plan right in the office. In most cases, this means you pay a certain amount down, and the doctor will agree to accept a set amount in payments each month thereafter. You want to be careful when using this option, because in many cases, the down payment is smaller in order to encourage patients to take advantage of it. However, the monthly payments may be short term, and thus much higher than what you can afford. Although this is not true all the time, it is in many cases. The reason is doctors want their money right away, and as such, they really don’t want to be stuck financing patient bills. Therefore, what they do is make it somewhat attractive by offering a payment plan, but at the same time, discouraging patients from using onsite financing because of the future high payments.

Another option is using your credit card, if you have enough available to finance your cosmetic surgery. Financing this way means you don’t have to pay a down payment, and you have low minimum payments. On the down side, cosmetic surgery is expensive, so you will tie up a good portion of your credit line. Of course, if you are financially sound and have a substantial credit line, it may not have a detrimental effect, especially if you have a card with a lower than average interest rate. If you had planned to pay a down payment, you can also do that and put the balance on your credit card. This will reduce the amount of your credit line that you tie up with your surgery.

A third option is applying for a personal loan at your bank. Of course, for those who have less than perfect credit, they may need to obtain some collateral such as real estate or a motor vehicle, but it’s always possible. If you already have an equity line of credit, you can use that as well, by just writing out a check against your available balance. There are always ways you can come up with the funds you need for different things, including that of cosmetic surgery. You may even choose to take a loan against your 401K plan if you have one, or take a loan against your savings account or other assets you may own. Make certain you know you can obtain the funding before you go any farther than the initial consultation. Make sure you can pay for the surgery before you schedule it and tie up the surgeon’s schedule.

Credit Medical offers elective surgery financing services for cosmetic surgery loans, plastic surgery financing, hair restoration, laser vision. Finance your medical procedures through low monthly plans.

Cosmetic Surgery Funding FAQ:

Question: Are there any organizations that help fund cosmetic surgery after losing a large amount of weight?
I just wanted to know because a lot of people who lose 100lbs or more have a lot of extra skin left on their bodies and they can’t afford to get it removed.

Answer: Certain medical insurances will pay for tummy tucks, IF the skin is causing other health problems by being there. Otherwise your skin has a natural elasticity that will most likely shrink back with time and muscle toning. If you had weight loss surgery, whatever insurance (if any) paid for it, will most likely pay for a tummy tuck, if your doctor recommends it for health reasons ie: Skin irritation, Pain, Rashes, etc.

Question: Is it good law to raid Medicare to fund cosmetic surgery, sex change operations, and abortion?
Under the present free market on medical care, people are free to insure themselves for cosmetic surgery, sex change operations, or abortion, or to choose not to be covered for these procedures. Democrats propose a one-policy-fits-all insurance under a government monopoly, and to pay much of the cost by raiding Medicare. Would this make medical care better or worse for most Americans?

Answer: I don’t know what kind of awesome insurance you have that pays for cosmetic surgery and sex change operations, but tell me where to get it! I have never, ever heard of regular health insurance that pays for these things, and I challenge you to find one that does. Further, there will be no specialized policies to pay for this stuff, because the only reason people would ever buy it would be because they were already planning on having the surgery. People don’t buy insurance to have this done, they save their pennies and pay for it out of pocket. No form of government insurance would prevent a person from continuing to do that.

You are probably right about the abortions. I think most plans do pay for abortions, probably because it’s a lot cheaper to pay for abortions than it is to pay for a baby. No government plan would cover them because it’s too controversial. People will just have to save up the 500 bucks themselves, or find a charity that will do it for free.

If the government did take over the health insurance industry, we know the plan wouldn’t pay for cosmetic surgery, etc. Nobody is raiding medicare to pay for this stuff. Ever.

Please don’t take this as support for a government plan, because it absolutely isn’t. I just think your assumptions about raiding medicare to pay for stuff that will never be covered by the government, in lieu of insurance which doesn’t exist now, are flawed. If you want to be afraid of government-run health care, be afraid for the right reasons.

Question: Anonymous Cosmetic Surgery?
I’d like to know if undergoing a cosmetic surgery anonymously is possible in US, if not any other countries? I’m thinking just use an assumed name when I visit the hospital, but I’m not sure if they would obligate me to show the identification in order to proceed with the surgery. I’m using my own funds, not insurance, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but I would like to know for sure.

Answer: You could try but in order for someone to undergo any major surgery in the U.S. it is mandatory that their identification is sufficient. However, your information is 100% protected by doctor patient confidentiality, meaning it is illegal for the hospital to give out your information. So if you had surgery, the only people that would know is the doctor that preformed the surgery and anyone involved with your case, and it is illegal for them to talk about it to anyone else.

Question: How do you get some anonymous person to pay for your plastic surgery?
I watched a story on a local TV news program the other night about women who got 50,000 in plastic surgery done by going on the internet requesting people to send her money for the plastic surgery/cosmetic enhancements! and people funded her surgery no strings attached! This woman wanted the surgery for vanity reasons only she did not have any birth defect etc. I’m intrigued to know why people would send money to a stranger simply to help them to look aesthetically pleasing. Is this practice common?

Answer: Yes people really do this. The website is totally dedicated to this sort of thing, but only for breast implants. Read through the website, people can’t just collect the money and use it for something else. The money HAS to go towards the surgery or else it is returned to the person who donated it. And no, I haven’t used the site, but looked it up after hearing about it on the radio because it is fascinating.

Question: Taxing elective cosmetic surgery to help fund health care?
“Senate Democrats are proposing a 5% excise tax on elective cosmetic procedures… that includes things like Botox injections, breast implants, tummy tucks, face lifts, liposuction, teeth whitening, eyelid repairs, etc.”

I can not believe democrats actually think this is a great idea. Do you think it is ok to tax people who do this, just because they have the extra money to have procedures done?

Answer: Of course it makes sense.

The only effective way to change people’s practices is to make it an economic choice. Making elective/no life threatening medical procedures taxable will cut demand for them, thereby contributing to reducing health care costs. Sure, those with the money will still choose them … but at least the tax will help pay for other procedures. Not taxing them means some other form of tax to raise the money. The other option is a tax on the middle class and rich. The money has to come from somewhere and the best choice is from those most directly benefiting and also choosing to have an optional procedure.

While at it, the value of employer paid heath insurance benefits accruing to workers should also be taxed as income; something that for some strange reason doesn’t happen in the US (unlike most countries).

In Canada we have universal health care, but cosmetic surgery is not covered. If you want it, you pay and pay taxes on the services. Makes perfect sense to any rational individual.

Question: Which medical funds cover breast reduction?
I’m looking to get a breast reduction for backpain, shoulder indentations and headaches. Does anyone know which private health funds cover this procedure? Most of them say that only Some cosmetic surgery is covered.

Answer: Have you had a doctor’s consultation yet? My HMO paid for mine. They had an equation they used. They weigh your breasts, see how the weight is distributed (saggy or perky), and take lots of measurements, these are factored with your weight, height, and BMI and if you score within a particular range, they’ll pay for either part or all of the procedure. I ranked so that they paid for everything. Try to see a doctor and find out how you score in the equation and ask them.

Question: How will Single Payer health care deal with elective Procedures?
Fake Boobs, unnecessary eye surgeries, and cosmetic procedures…Liposuction…the list goes on. Who decides if the tax payers get to fund a Hollywood elite’s 15th face job?

Answer: The current proposal is not for a single payer system. Just like with any other insurance, elective procedures like plastic surgery are not covered for treatment. Procedures like that are paid privately just like in single payer countries like Canada and Great Britain.

Question: Will Insurance Companies Cover My Expensive Surgery?
I have a condition called “Pectus Excavotum” which is an inward curvature of my chest wall. This condition causes me to have trouble breathing and performing under stressful athletic activities. I just turned 21 years old and I work at a job making under 15k per year. The job has no insurance or benefits.

This surgery to fix my condition is NOT considered cosmetic but costs an average of 30,000 dollars. I obviously cannot afford this but I am in need of this surgery. Is insurance or State Funded Health Aid better for my particular case? I hear insurance may deny my claim and thus is risky. Is there any other way I can get this surgery without being in debt for years and years? What will insurance companies do if I claim it as a pre-existing condition.

Answer: First, you would have to find a carrier that would insure you knowing that you have this condition. You would be required to tell them when applying. If you did not and had the surgery, they could come back and cancel the coverage for non-disclosure. And you would have to pay for the surgery yourself. If you did find a company willing to accept you, and your condition, the surgery would have to be considered medically necessary to be covered. I’m not saying it isn’t but THEY would have to say it is necessary. They may also have a pre-existing waiting period that you would have to meet before it would be covered.

Generally, medicaid is for pregnant women, children or blind, aged (over 65) or disabled (federal guidelines). If you do not fall into one of these categories, you would not qualify for medicaid.

Your best option is to find a job with benefits, That way, usually, there is no pre-existing exclusions.

You may be able to qualify for care at a county or teaching medical facility. They would base what you owe on your ability to pay.

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Over-Extended Credit – Can You Still Qualify For a Cosmetic Surgery Loan?

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 1st March 2010

With beauty being within reach for so many, no one can blame someone for wanting to look their best. Look at how society treats people who look good. They land the best jobs, have the best looking boyfriends and girlfriends, and they also seem to get the most attention. It isn’t wrong for someone to have those things if they believe they can acquire them. However, there is one thing that can stand in the way and that one thing is money.

Through the years, there have been new ways of financing such things as cosmetic surgery so that people can look their best. It helps their self-image and the way that other people perceive them. However, the procedures can be quite expensive depending on what the person wants done, but there is a way to fix this financial issue when it comes to looking good, and that is financing.

But there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to financing cosmetic surgery and that is the fact that many lenders look for a credit score over 700, which in this day and age is not as common as it used to be. That is why there are some lenders that will go ahead and finance cosmetic surgery for those who may not have the credit history that some lenders look for.

About the cosmetic surgery loan

When cosmetic surgery started growing in popularity beyond the rich and the famous, doctors began developing a fee that covered everything such as the procedure, the hospitalization cost, the medication, materials used in post-op, and the various other expenses incurred due to cosmetic surgery. This is when cosmetic surgery loans were created in order to help people cover the entire cost of their surgical procedure and everything associated with it.

However, because cosmetic surgery cannot be repossessed like a house or a car, the lenders had to make sure that those applying for the loans had an excellent credit records. Even with excellent credit, those applying for cosmetic surgery loans incurred an interest rate of up to 10%. However, with cosmetic surgery being used on people needing it for medical reasons, some lenders relaxed their requirements and are allowing borrowers with less than perfect credit to acquire cosmetic surgery loans. Even if the procedure is not medical, they are still allowing financing for the procedures. But it is very likely that the interest rates can be anywhere between 14% and 24%, which really does not stop many from going ahead and achieving their dream of looking wonderful. The lender also reports to the credit reporting agencies, which can improve the borrower’s credit with timely payments.

To take the loan or not to take the loan

If someone really wants the procedure done, then they will take the medical financing and not let the interest rates deter them. The truth is, if they make their payments on time, they are going to be able to improve their credit rating more than if they had never taken out the loan. Taking the loan can be the difference between being able to get lower interest loans or not getting lower interest loans in the future. But it is not a bad idea to be picky about the interest rate even if credit is not so great. It is good to investigate the options and find out who is best to loan the money. Just because a person has a few negative marks on their credit report doesn’t mean they have to settle for what interest rate comes their way. In the end, they not only look great, but they are also improving their financial future.

Credit Medical provides innovative patient financing services such as cosmetic dentistry financing that allow clients and practitioners the freedom to focus on the treatment, not the payment.

Cosmetic Surgery Loan FAQ:

Question: Are there any cosmetic surgery financing companies w/ loans, credit to those wanting cosmetic procedures?
Loans/Lines of credit for those wanting cosmetic procedures? Taking down payments, as collateral, or special circumstances such as these?

Answer: First a down payment is not collateral. If you qualify for a personal loan or line of credit, the lender is not going to care what you plan to use the money for, only that you will be able to make your payments.

The cosmetic surgeon may be willing and able to accept monthly payment over a period of time or to assist you in arranging financing. Another option you should consider is making the payments first (saving up the cost) and then having the procedure.

If you suffer from a serious deformity you may be able to find a cosmetic surgeon that will do the surgery at a reduced fee or even at cost depending on your ability to pay. Many cosmetic surgeons do a considerable amount of this type of work feeling, in part that supporting such work justifies the time they spend on elective procedures.

Question: Cosmetic loan fever?
I’m 19 years old and I don’t have a credit card but I am thinking of getting one. For a cosmetic surgery loan I need a good credit history to get one but as a new credit card, it won’t have any history. Can I buy things on credit cards for about a year and a half so that my credit score increases so I can get a loan? What should I do except to have a co-signer?

Answer: Yes, one and half years is enough to get you a good credit score. But, be prompt on your credit card repayments.

Question: When getting a bank loan for cosmetic surgery, can you use the implants as collateral?

Answer: No. Collateral would be something the bank can physically take from you and turn a profit on, such as your house.

Question: How can I get my cosmetic surgery for free or alot cheaper?
I have excess skin and need cosmetic surgery. Is thier a way to get a loan or get the price reduced or even free?

Answer: If it’s making you really depressed and you can prove it then you can get it done on the NHS (if you live in the UK), or if you have medical insurance then they may cover it, or if there is some reason that could prove it could be a risk to your health then they will do it for free. The only alternatives I can think of is you take out a loan or pay for it out of your savings.

Cosmetic surgeons are skilled, highly trained people, they are also generally very rich. I doubt very much that they would give their service free of charge. As for `cut-price` or `cheap deals`; they will be in this category for a reason, usually because their standard is not high, and hardly worth the risk I would think. If you want to under go such radical surgery, you presumably want it done to improve the way you look. So why chance it with a not-so-good-surgeon?

Question: I’m looking for information on cosmetic surgery loans?

Answer: Contact the plastic surgeons office. They usually have info on programs available. Also, Capital One has a lot of health care loan options. Give them a call and ask. They might not do cosmetic stuff though.

Question: Best way to go about getting money (loan or credit) for a cosmetic surgery with a credit score of 750?
I have a credit score of 750, and am looking to borrow about $6000.00. Where is the best place for me to look and also would it be best for me to look into a credit card or a loan. If a credit card would be a better option, would I look for a credit card that blatantly states “high balance” or something like that before I apply? Or do I just apply and see what sort of balance I get?

Answer: It would be difficult for you to walk into a bank and get an unsecured loan for that amount unless you have a relationship with one already. (a community bank not a large bank like Chase or wells fargo). AMEX has no limit cards and with your credit score depending on income you might be able to get one but beware interest rates. If you have some sort of collateral to pledge it would save you a good amount of money on interest. The best advice I can give is to wait until you can almost pay cash for the whole surgery. It will be way cheaper in the long run. Plastic surgery for personal gain in my opinion isn’t something I would finance. Now if it is for a scar or an accident then yes.

Question: Can I take out a loan without any credit?
I’m 18 and want to take out a cosmetic surgery loan. But it says you need to have at least decent credit. Can I still do it if I don’t have any credit at all? I’ve never had a credit card or anything before so I’m pretty sure I have no credit. Can I still take out a loan?

Answer: The only way you will be given a loan is if you have a co-signer. Which is someone that has good credit and is willing to sign the loan as a secondary person saying that they will pay off the loan if you do not.

Question: Are there any grants out there that pay for cosmetic surgery needs? I know loans will, but I don’t want that!

Answer: You could try to get on a TV program but other than that, you’re either going to have to convince your insurance company that it’s necessary, or you’ll have to pay for it, with a loan or without. No such thing as a grant.

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Basic Steps Needed For Obtaining a Cosmetic Loan For Surgery

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 1st March 2010

At one time, cash was the only way to pay for cosmetic surgery, but along the way many other methods of payment have come about. One of those methods is financing. However, cosmetic surgeons perform more procedures than just nose jobs and chin lifts. Sometimes there is a medically viable reason as to why someone needs cosmetic surgery. This can be dental work, procedures to remove scarring, or the need to remove an abnormality from the face. Whatever the reason, there are companies offering loans for those wishing to have some sort of cosmetic surgery.

What is needed?

First of all, it is good to make sure there is some kind of collateral just in case. When financing a car or a home, those items can be repossessed if not paid for. As for a cosmetic surgery loan, the lender cannot repossess your face. The lender may ask you to put something you own up as collateral, which means a lien is placed upon that item. It can be a car or some other belonging that is comparable to the amount of the money being loaned for the surgery.

Second, be sure to have such information as what your total income is, what your expenses are, if you own or rent your home, and what your credit rating is. Unfortunately, if you have no credit or bad credit, qualifying for a cosmetic surgery loan might not happen. Most people need to have a credit score that is better than 700 in order to qualify and then there are other factors that can hurt your chances of acquiring the loan.

You also need to figure out how much you can afford each month in payments. Just keep in mind that lenders have a tendency to try and persuade you to take out a loan with a higher monthly payment to save on interest. Consider this carefully because a high monthly payment increases your monthly expenses exponentially and can hinder you from being able to take out other loans in the future until the current loan is paid off.

Where to apply

There are many financial institutions that offer financing for cosmetic surgery. Simply go online and see how many there are. With cosmetic surgery being so popular, many of the lenders have cashed in on the advantages by offering financing, which means that cosmetic surgery is no longer for the rich and the famous. Your friend down the street who makes $45,000 a year and has an excellent credit rating can have that bump on her nose fixed or get the breast implants she always wanted. If you’ve ever looked at someone and asked, “How did they afford that?” Chances are it was because they financed their surgery. However, they hopefully did the adequate research to find the right lender for them.

Every lender is different in interest rates and such, so it is important to find the right one for you. Once you find them and are ready to fill out the application, you will notice that the application process is more or less like any loan application. All you have to do is fill out that application with the information you gathered about your income and expenses as well as basic information about yourself, and then submit it to the lender.

You will receive a decision back just like you do with any loan. You will either be approved or denied. If denied, some surgeons may offer installment options. Then again, it is important to go through the research phase again and see if you can find some medical financing. Just because one says no doesn’t mean the next one will.

Credit Medical offers medical financing for elective procedures such as breast augmentation financing, cosmetic surgery loan and more.

Cosmetic Surgery Loan FAQ:

Question: Is it possible to get a loan for cosmetic surgeries? Breast augmentation and tummy tuck?
If so, how much would the monthly payments potentially be for $15,000 or so?

Answer: Almost all plastic surgery centers will set up a payment plan that suits you, the same way as if you were buying a car. The monthly payments will all depend on what kind of loan you decide to take out and thus depending on the time (ie 5 years) and the APR (Annual Percentage Rate). It will also depend on how much you have to put down as a downpayment and some offices may require that you have at least 10%, so in your case that would $1500. I can’t really answer this for you since I do not know how the plastic surgery’s office handles these things. Make an appointment for a consultation and they can give you all that information free of charge.

Question: How do I tell my mom I want cosmetic surgery?
I also need to ask her to help pay for it. I’m applying for a loan and I’m hoping that she will take over 50% of the loan. That will about $200 a month for her. She offered to pay for braces for me, but I’d rather the cosmetic surgery instead. I don’t know how to tell her I want it, I guess because I’m sort of embarrassed. I’m old enough to get it (18) so I don’t technically need her permission or her “blessing” but I”m still living under her roof, and what she thinks means a lot obviously, because she’s my mom.

Answer: Just tell her honestly and explain to her why you want it done, that’s all you can do really. However it is not her responsibility to pay for your surgery. You’re not really ready for cosmetic surgery, until you are in a position where you can pay for it yourself. Seek advice from others as well as your mother, not money, and do a lot of serious thinking before you go too far. Even tattoos are often things of regret.

Question: Is it possible to get a cosmetic surgery loan with bad credit?
I’m trying to get cosmetic surgery but it costs about $4000. With my credit I probably have to pay in full. But it seems like alot of people I know get cosmetic surgery all the time and I don’t think their credit is all that great. What are my options?

Answer: Most banks will not lend to you cause they don’t offer a product for that. They will recommend a Credit card or a personal loan if they offer it. Due to the hard times most banks have gotten rid of personal loans. I would recommend talking to your current bank if they have it. I know Chase doesn’t have them. But some doctor offices have a particular lender to help you with a loan.

Question: Can a Canadian go to New York to get cosmetic surgery?
Can you still get a loan for surgery if your not in your country?

Answer: You would have to borrow money while in Canada with a loan or line of credit. Perhaps the doctor you are seeing can help with financing. I would ask them.

Question: Would you take out a home equity loan for cosmetic surgery?
I want implants and I don’t want to wait for them any longer. I don’t want to get a credit card or anything because I have two I am trying to pay off. Would it be foolish to take a home equity line of credit?

Answer: Sorry, but putting that sort of debt against your house is not a good idea.
It sounds to me like you can’t afford that new set of boobs. Once you pay off your debts, start saving up your money and when you have enough cash, then get the boob job.

The whole attitude of “I want them and I don’t want to wait for them any longer” is the mentality that has caused so many people in this country to be in such a financial mess. Being financially responsible and living within your means without a mess of debt will make you feel better about yourself than any set of bigger boobs will.

Question: How to get a loan for cosmetic surgery with poor credit?

Answer: Cosmetic surgery is a want, not a need. You should never borrow money for a want. Open a bank account and save up for it. It will cost you less in the long run.

Question: Can you get a loan for cosmetic surgery and about how much would monthly payments be?
I want to get vaginal tightening surgery done, it IS a cosmetic procedure and my insurance obviously does not cover it. The procedure will be about 14000 in total. Could I get a credit card and put the 14000 on there, and about how much would those monthly payments be? Or could I get a loan instead, and also ABOUT how much would the monthly payments of that be?

Answer: You know you could always go to the banks in town; both local and corporate based (Wellsfargo, Bank of America, etc). They can tell you how much they can loan you and what their rates would be. They could also give you information about opening a credit card; and they can tell you how much monthly payments would be with interest. Without knowing the specifics of your income and credit history, I couldn’t say, plus your area of residence can go into consideration. Be careful with out of state credit cards and “local” banks. Some “local” banks are actually being run through out of state banks and they have some pretty messed up fine print. Also, some plastic surgery places have their own financing. You may want to check into it.

Question: Can you finance your cosmetic surgery thru the office or do you have to pay up front and / or get a bank loan?
I plan on losing about 100lbs over the next few years (fingers crossed). I’m sure I’ll want to get excess skin removed and probably a tummy tuck since I’ve already had 2 kids. I was wondering how they work out payment. Do you have to pay up front? Do they finance?

Answer: I know there’s also a LOT of plastic surgeons who finance-in fact, most do. They know a lot of their patients come from middle class citizens that don’t have money falling out of our pockets! I think some may require a down payment, depending on your credit situation.

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What’s the Catch on Plastic Surgery Loans?

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 1st March 2010

Plastic surgery is a fast growing industry and many more people today are opting for surgery to enhance the body and turn back the signs of aging. Television shows and advertising, easier accessibility to surgery and increased social acceptance are just a few of the many reasons why the industry continues to grow so rapidly. Another reason for an increase in plastic surgery is the many financial options now available to potential patients, which includes plastic surgery loans. This makes surgery a possibility for many who previously could not have afforded such a luxury.

As medical insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery, those desiring these types of procedures must find ways to pay for the high costs involved in medically unnecessary surgery. Plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or abdominoplasty, can cost upwards of $7,000 to $10,000 to cover surgeon fees, hospital or facility fees and anesthesia, if not more. Many financial companies now cater to the industry by offering specialty loans, often directly through plastic surgery offices and clinics, which are designed specifically with potential cosmetic patients in mind.

Plastic surgery loans do make it possible for many people to have cosmetic surgery that may otherwise be unaffordable to them. However, cosmetic loan companies will often offer a high line of credit to those who would not otherwise quality for a financial loan, which encourages debt that cannot truly be afforded for unneeded services. They also tend to have extremely high interest rates that typically range from 14% to 20% with some loans with rates as high as 30%. The patient will also be responsible for loan processing fees in addition to the original loan amount that generally range from 5% to 10% of the borrowed amount. Your surgeon’s fee may also be higher than it otherwise would have been to make up for his or her costs incurred to the loan company for their services.

There are other downsides to the ease of plastic surgery loans as well. Often plastic surgery offices will work directly with lenders offering cosmetic surgery loans and encourage their patients to apply and use their services. Many times patients are approved for these credit lines in the office before even leaving from their initial consultation visit. This may cause some to choose to go ahead with surgery right away that may not have otherwise before taking the time to think over the seriousness of major surgery. This is especially true in the plastic surgery industry as many seeking cosmetic surgery consultations are already highly self-conscious about their appearance, which makes them more vulnerable to the option of a quick and easy loan.

If you are considering plastic surgery, be sure you choose a surgeon with at least five years of additional surgical training as well as several years of certified experience. You’ll also want to make sure your surgeon is a member of the ASPS. You need to be well informed about the procedure you are considering and the surgeon you are choosing as well as informed about the financing options that will most likely be presented to you.

Be sure you are aware of all conditions and terms of any plastic surgery loan you are considering before agreeing. You’ll need to be sure ahead of time that you can afford these types of high cost loans and must be prepared for the additional financial burden it may bring.

Credit Medical offers affordable plastic surgery loans. It provides patient credit for for elective medical procedures such as cosmetic dentistry financing.

Plastic Surgery Loans FAQ:

Question: Plastic surgery loans?
I am 17 and I really want plastic surgery. I don’t however have the financial support to fill this desire. I wish to get a lip lift and rhinoplasty, could I get a loan once I turn 18?

Answer: No banker with any sense is going to give you an unsecured loan for that much money. Unsecured means you have nothing of value the bank could take IF you don’t repay your loan. When you don’t pay your car loan they take the car. They can’t take your face.

Question: Is it possible to get plastic surgery at 18?
Is there a cosmetic plastic surgery loan that they would let an 18 year old take out?

Answer: Have you fully thought through the potential dangers of the process? This is something you can’t undo, so you want to give it proper thought in the first place. Not only would you be going into debt, but you are putting your body on the line. You do not need consent to have the surgery done, but for loans, it will depend on your credit and job.

Question: What if you don’t pay a PLASTIC SURGERY loan?
I’m planning to get a nose job using a finance company that finances anyone regardless of their credit score. My score is bad and they are the only guys that have accepted me. I’m just wondering, what if the nose job comes out bad or botched? If I didn’t pay the loan would I be sent to jail or what?

Answer: Getting a botched-up surgery is the risk you run when you decide to have unnecessary operations. Personally I would strongly advise you to rethink – especially as your financial situation is less than peachy. If you don’t pay the loan, they can sue you and garnish your wages.

Question: Loans for plastic surgery for bad or no credit with out a co signer?

Answer: Just an observation, (unless the surgery is medically necessary), if you already have bad credit, why make it worse by getting a loan and being more in debt? If you have bad credit, you probably could not get a loan without a cosigner.

Question: Can you get a plastic surgery loan with a credit score of 674?

Answer: Probably not, but you might be able to get a personal loan in the range of maybe $5,000 to $10,000 especially if you have collateral such as a house.

Question: Where is a good place to get a plastic surgery loan?
I am trying to get a boob job but I need a loan to help me out.

Answer: Don’t get a loan. If you can’t afford to pay for it you shouldn’t get it. Get a loan for something that will increase in value, like a house.

Question: Plastic surgery?
Can you take a loan out for plastic surgery? And can you make payments on plastic surgery? Also how long does plastic surgery take to completely heal?

Answer: There are some companies out there that will foot your bill. Be wary though. My girlfriend used and there is breast aug usa. Depends on what surgery you get is how long it will take to heal. Lipo takes up to 6mos-1year before you see results. It’s painful and you have to wear a really tight spandage. Breast augmentation- you can do it on thursday and go back to work on monday provided that you don’t do any heavy lifting. It takes a while to see what size you end up because you have to heal. You want to do research and the doctor you choose should be board certified and have pictures of his/her work. You should find one who is about you and not about the dollar and will do your procedure and not overdo your procedure.

Question: Plastic Surgery loan? (college student, female)
I am thinking about having a cosmetic procedure done. Rhinoplasty (nose job) to be exact. I have found out that there are loans available. My only problem is will I qualify for one if I am a college student (20 yrs old) with no job (but my parents help me out financially, so I would have the means to pay the loan back with). Does anyone know if it would be possible for me to apply and get a loan like that? (My parents will certainly refuse to get one for me, so I don’t even need to go there, they’ve told me so)

Answer: Probably not unless your parents cosigned the loan, which you said they wouldn’t do. Be careful when choosing a lender for your loan because I have heard that the interest rate on those loans are outrageous. I would recommend you save your money to pay for your surgery. I know that isn’t what you want but it may be best for now. And by the time you have saved up the money required for the surgery you may find that you have better things to spend that money on or may not even be interested in plastic surgery anymore.

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How to Find Cosmetic Surgery Financing?

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 31st January 2010

All of us know that cosmetic surgery is expensive and some procedures are more expensive from the complexities involved. Some procedures may be an amount more than that of a small car! But the best part is that it is easy to attain financing for you cosmetic surgery procedure. There are many ways to get cosmetic surgery financing. Some people treat cosmetic surgery like how they purchase household items like a TV or a washer. You can have the cosmetic surgery financing by using your credit card and there are many cosmetic surgeons who accept credit cards for almost all of the procedures. This is good news for those who want to change their appearance or loose some pounds from their body.

Credit cards are really expensive in the sense that the interest rates for the amounts used for purchase are quite high and hence it will add up to the already expensive surgery to make it more expensive. In this situation generally people will try to repay the amount back as early as possible to avoid the higher interests. Also there are cases that some cosmetic surgeons do not accept the credit cards. In this case, you have to make some cash withdrawal from the credit card to meet the cosmetic surgery financing. This also will attract more expenses in the way of higher interest on cash advances.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing by Surgeons

As we have seen the interest rates on credit cards are very high and mostly people will find it very difficult to afford such hefty interests. There are other avenues for cosmetic surgery financing. You can take the home equity loans for the purpose of financing. Banks will be extremely happy to issue loan over the home equity. Home equity loans carry less interest rates compared to any other loans and are much less than the credit card interest. You can check up with the officers of your bank about the low interest rate options. In fact, banks are eager to issue loans to genuine customers, even without asking the purpose of the loans. Really this is a viable option.

If you cannot work out a bank loan, there are some other options as well. Many cosmetic surgeons have their own modes of financing. They are ready to offer their services with long-term payments with interests. The system is good for the patients as well as surgeons. The patients can do the surgery without much worry about financing and doctors get this opportunity as a deposit with more interest rates. Some doctor collaborate with private financial lenders to provide financing to patients with good credit records. Some companies offer cheaper interest rates than credit card financing companies.

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Surgery Financing FAQ:

Question: What is the best type of financing for cosmetic surgery?

Answer: Most will offer a free consultation. The best type of financing is cash, but if you really need to use credit, there is a card service called Care Credit. It’s good for any type of medical, surgical, prescriptions and even animal care.

Question: Plastic surgery financing?
I broke my nose (and also for cosmetic reasons) and need a reliable company to finance my surgery so I can pay before having it. I will pay it off within one month of having it done. Does anyone know any good companies with a low down payment, lenient approval rate (I hate having a credit check, as I have no credit history, and I’m just trying to build credit). I need a company that preferably offers a 100% approval rate or is lenient.

Answer: It makes absolutely no sense for you to borrow money for this reason. You state yourself that you can pay it back in one month. All you need to do is make your appointment with your plastic surgeon and schedule your surgery for one month from now. save your money for the one month and then pay it all cash.

Question: Elective Surgery Financing?
I have to have surgery that is not covered by insurance. I was going to finance it, but have really bad credit. I can’t go much longer without the surgery but am not sure what to do. My husband filed for BK over a year ago, but because of his debt, and because we are married I have the BK on my credit too. Has anyone gotten financing for health reasons with bad credit?

Answer: You might want to try Capital One Healthcare Finance. You never know, the worst thing that could happen if they approved you is that you’ll be obligated to repay the loan at 23.99%.

Question: What is the best financing company for cosmetic surgery?
Any experiences with CareCredit?

Answer: I haven’t had experience with them but I would pay with any of the different types of payments that are flexible for you. I personally would use a cashiers check.

Question: I am needing to find a good cosmetic surgery finance company?
Looking for anyone with personal experience to help me find a good cosmetic surgery finance company.

Answer: Talk to your surgeon. They often have agreements with finance companies.

Question: Is there a doctor offices in NY/NJ that offers their own cosmetic surgery financing?

Answer: Since cosmetic surgery is not usually a covered insurance benefit, most physicians offer payment plans. The only way to know is to make a phone call to the office and ask. If they are listed in the Yellow Pages, it may also be stated there.

Question: Where can I get plastic surgery financing with bad credit?

Answer: There are very few companies who would be willing to finance plastic surgery, anyway. I would suggest that if your credit is that bad, you should wait until you can afford the surgery.

Question: What are the best financing options for cosmetic surgery?
I have no credit cards. The only thing that can build my credit is my cell phone bill. Have any experiences using Care Credit? Capital One?

Answer: The BEST financing option for ANYTHING is CASH. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it. This is a general rule. Unless your cosmetic surgery is reconstructive surgery following an accident, your don’t need it at all. If it is, your medical insurance should pay for it.

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Cosmetic Surgery Loans – Is Finance Still Obtainable?

Posted by Credit Financing Guru on 31st January 2010

Cosmetic surgery is as popular as ever as more women, and even men, seek to improve their physique. Is the recession making it more difficult to arrange finance for cosmetic surgery procedures?

Advances in surgery present more ways for men and women to improve their bodies and boost self esteem. There are now very few external parts of a person that cannot be altered, improved and tweaked to bring the physique in line with expectations and the desire for the perfect physique.

Whilst this may present a wonderful opportunity for the person to delay the visible effects of age or correct a “feature” of their physique, the costs of cosmetic surgery can be prohibitive for many.

Procedures involving a general anesthetic, generally start at £2000 and can extend to £10,000 and beyond, depending on the nature of the procedure and the costs of the surgeon and other medical staff.

This may mean that a loan or other finance is required to pay for the desired surgery. Whereas a year ago, cosmetic surgery loans were readily available, the credit crunch has forced lenders to tighten their lending criteria significantly.

This means that finance is harder to obtain, however it is not impossible to secure a loan if you have a clean credit history, can demonstrate the ability to repay the loan, as determined by employment status and family circumstances.

Personal loan rates are actually starting to fall slightly in the UK. One of the biggest Building Societies, for example, is now charging below 8% for unsecured loans. This finance can be for any purpose, including plastic surgery.

So if you are tempted by the many cosmetic surgery procedures available now, and you have a suitable credit rating and financial well being, then you will be pleased to hear that arranging finance for your surgery is still possible, even after the credit crunch.

If you are considering a boob job then you may well be interested in our article about how to arrange cosmetic surgery loans.

Surgery Financing FAQ:

Question: What are some good plastic surgery financing companies, and why?
I am planning on financing a breast enhancement and a tummy tuck sometime soon and I would like to know if anyone has any opinions some of the financing companies out there.

Answer: CareCredit is a very good financing company for medical procedures. I work in ophthalmology and our patients often use it to finance LASIK procedures or cataract extractions with premium lenses. The first 12 months are at 0% interest, and at the moment they may be offering 0% for 18 months.

Question: What happened to Doctors Say Yes plastic surgery financing?
There used to be a company called Doctors Say Yes that guaranteed plastic surgery financing regardless of one’s credit. They still have a website but there is no way to contact them, and the old number for them says something different. Anyone know what happened to this company or if there are anymore companies like them out there?

Answer: I wouldn’t doubt it if they are out of business. I used them for my breast implants. The process was fast but their customer service for doctorssayyes was horrible. I hated the financing company but my doctor was awesome! The cool thing was I was able to use them for my surgery in Mexico so instead of paying $6,500-$7,000 through one of the local doctors they had. I only had to pay $3.500 including hospital fees and stuff in Cancun. It was a awesome experience.

Question: Know anything about plastic surgery financing?
With the economy and financing so hard right now, is plastic surgery financing the same? I don’t have great credit. I am currently financing a car though but my mom cosigned. Please if you know anything about financing cosmetic surgery please tell me.

Answer: Last year my step mom got cosmetic surgery and the results look really good so far. Where I live there are certain surgeons that are better than others. I’d consult cosmetic surgeons in your area and see what they have to offer. They should be able to answer your questions.

Question: Are there any cosmetic surgery financing companies with loans, credit to those wanting cosmetic procedures?
Loans / Lines of credit for those wanting cosmetic procedures? Taking down payments, as collateral, or special circumstances such as these?

Answer: First a down payment is not collateral. If you qualify for a personal loan or line of credit, the lender is not going to care what you plan to use the money for, only that you will be able to make your payments.

The cosmetic surgeon may be willing and able to accept monthly payment over a period of time or to assist you in arranging financing.

Another option you should consider is making the payments first (saving up the cost) and then having the procedure.

Question: What does financing mean when you pay for surgery?
Financing means paying little by little until you’re done paying for it right? Is that what it means? I’m planning to have surgery on my nose, and my parents said that they’re not gonna pay for the whole thing in one day cuz they don’t have enough money to afford it but they can pay little by little, though, until they are done paying for it. So I was wondering if that’s what financing means?

Answer: Financing means you are going to go through a bank or another entity to BORROW the money and then pay it off in payments (usually monthly but sometimes once a week or every other week). When you finance something the bank will charge the person interest for borrowing the money.

The interest is extra money the borrower pays for getting the money. For example. When you finance a car, you may only BORROW 20,000 but over the length of time you pay off the loan, you actually pay closer to 25,000 because of the interest. When you make a payment, only part of the payment goes towards what you borrowed, the rest goes towards interest.

So if your car payment is 1000 a month, then it could be that only 800 of it goes towards paying off the 20,000. The extra 200 is payment towards the bank for letting you borrow the money.

Question: Where can I find financing for plastic surgery?
I am wanting to have some cosmetic surgery done but my credit is not the best, does anyone know of a good company to go through?

Answer: Medicredit is pretty good. My wife got her credit card through them for a breast augmentation. The interest rate will be high, but that’s just a given.

Question: I have no credit and am trying to get financing for cosmetic surgery is it impossible without a cosigner?
I am currently living in a guest house with no rent, and have no other bills to pay. My job doesn’t pay bad, and I could easily afford the payments. Perhaps there is a place you know about that will work with me even though I have no credit at all. I’m only trying to finance $5100.00

Answer: Why don’t you just save up the $5,100? It shouldn’t take long considering you don’t have to pay rent and have no other bills. If that’s not an option you could get a personal loan from a credit union or check with the surgeon to see if they offer a financing plan.

Question: Financing for Cosmetic Surgery in Canada?
I live in Canada and I am trying to obtain financing for my cosmetic surgery. I have a poor credit rating.

Answer: Sorry. Cosmetic surgery isn’t covered under Medicare, unless it is for something non-elective, such as burn victims. So you would have to pay the full shot yourself. If you have a poor credit rating, you may have to postpone your surgery until you have the money to pay for it.

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