How to Find Cosmetic Surgery Financing?

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All of us know that cosmetic surgery is expensive and some procedures are more expensive from the complexities involved. Some procedures may be an amount more than that of a small car! But the best part is that it is easy to attain financing for you cosmetic surgery procedure. There are many ways to get cosmetic surgery financing. Some people treat cosmetic surgery like how they purchase household items like a TV or a washer. You can have the cosmetic surgery financing by using your credit card and there are many cosmetic surgeons who accept credit cards for almost all of the procedures. This is good news for those who want to change their appearance or loose some pounds from their body.

Credit cards are really expensive in the sense that the interest rates for the amounts used for purchase are quite high and hence it will add up to the already expensive surgery to make it more expensive. In this situation generally people will try to repay the amount back as early as possible to avoid the higher interests. Also there are cases that some cosmetic surgeons do not accept the credit cards. In this case, you have to make some cash withdrawal from the credit card to meet the cosmetic surgery financing. This also will attract more expenses in the way of higher interest on cash advances.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing by Surgeons

As we have seen the interest rates on credit cards are very high and mostly people will find it very difficult to afford such hefty interests. There are other avenues for cosmetic surgery financing. You can take the home equity loans for the purpose of financing. Banks will be extremely happy to issue loan over the home equity. Home equity loans carry less interest rates compared to any other loans and are much less than the credit card interest. You can check up with the officers of your bank about the low interest rate options. In fact, banks are eager to issue loans to genuine customers, even without asking the purpose of the loans. Really this is a viable option.

If you cannot work out a bank loan, there are some other options as well. Many cosmetic surgeons have their own modes of financing. They are ready to offer their services with long-term payments with interests. The system is good for the patients as well as surgeons. The patients can do the surgery without much worry about financing and doctors get this opportunity as a deposit with more interest rates. Some doctor collaborate with private financial lenders to provide financing to patients with good credit records. Some companies offer cheaper interest rates than credit card financing companies.

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Surgery Financing FAQ:

Question: What is the best type of financing for cosmetic surgery?

Answer: Most will offer a free consultation. The best type of financing is cash, but if you really need to use credit, there is a card service called Care Credit. It’s good for any type of medical, surgical, prescriptions and even animal care.

Question: Plastic surgery financing?
I broke my nose (and also for cosmetic reasons) and need a reliable company to finance my surgery so I can pay before having it. I will pay it off within one month of having it done. Does anyone know any good companies with a low down payment, lenient approval rate (I hate having a credit check, as I have no credit history, and I’m just trying to build credit). I need a company that preferably offers a 100% approval rate or is lenient.

Answer: It makes absolutely no sense for you to borrow money for this reason. You state yourself that you can pay it back in one month. All you need to do is make your appointment with your plastic surgeon and schedule your surgery for one month from now. save your money for the one month and then pay it all cash.

Question: Elective Surgery Financing?
I have to have surgery that is not covered by insurance. I was going to finance it, but have really bad credit. I can’t go much longer without the surgery but am not sure what to do. My husband filed for BK over a year ago, but because of his debt, and because we are married I have the BK on my credit too. Has anyone gotten financing for health reasons with bad credit?

Answer: You might want to try Capital One Healthcare Finance. You never know, the worst thing that could happen if they approved you is that you’ll be obligated to repay the loan at 23.99%.

Question: What is the best financing company for cosmetic surgery?
Any experiences with CareCredit?

Answer: I haven’t had experience with them but I would pay with any of the different types of payments that are flexible for you. I personally would use a cashiers check.

Question: I am needing to find a good cosmetic surgery finance company?
Looking for anyone with personal experience to help me find a good cosmetic surgery finance company.

Answer: Talk to your surgeon. They often have agreements with finance companies.

Question: Is there a doctor offices in NY/NJ that offers their own cosmetic surgery financing?

Answer: Since cosmetic surgery is not usually a covered insurance benefit, most physicians offer payment plans. The only way to know is to make a phone call to the office and ask. If they are listed in the Yellow Pages, it may also be stated there.

Question: Where can I get plastic surgery financing with bad credit?

Answer: There are very few companies who would be willing to finance plastic surgery, anyway. I would suggest that if your credit is that bad, you should wait until you can afford the surgery.

Question: What are the best financing options for cosmetic surgery?
I have no credit cards. The only thing that can build my credit is my cell phone bill. Have any experiences using Care Credit? Capital One?

Answer: The BEST financing option for ANYTHING is CASH. If you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it. This is a general rule. Unless your cosmetic surgery is reconstructive surgery following an accident, your don’t need it at all. If it is, your medical insurance should pay for it.

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