Is Weight Loss Surgery Too Expensive?

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Weight loss is perhaps one of the biggest issues in today’s society. Since obesity is now a prominent epidemic in North America, we must seek drastic measures in order to lose weight.

Out of all the different weight loss surgeries available, the adjustable gastric band stands out among the rest. Commonly known as ‘lapband surgery’, this procedure is safe, effective, and minimally invasive.

What are the benefits of choosing lapband surgery over the other options? First of all, this is a procedure that has been performed worldwide. With over 400,000 surgeries performed, numerous of clinic studies have proven its safety and efficiency.

Second, the band is designed to be adjustable. So you don’t need to have surgery again in order to adjust it; you can easily adjust the degree you want in your weight loss, depending on your circumstances. For example, if you get pregnant, it is quite simple to loosen the band until you are ready to start your weight loss again.

Third, this procedure is quite affordable. Depending on the clinic that you go to, there are a wide variety of financing programs. They may have an in-house financing program that is designed to keep the procedure as affordable as possible. With monthly payments less than a car, and a decent down payment, as long as you keep in mind that you are investing in your own long term health, financing the procedure is easy.

One major advantage over other surgeries with the lapband is it is completely reversible. If for some reason, you want to remove it, it is just another simple procedure. As no real alteration has been done on your stomach, your stomach would soon return to its original form, as if nothing happened. However, keep in mind that the band is intended to stay in there forever.

For some, the cost of weight loss surgery seems prohibitive. But that is not true; weight loss surgery in many ways can be very important to your life. You just need to truly see it as that, and in fact, as an investment in yourself. Then you will see that it is not that expensive after all; this surgery has huge potential of changing your life completely.

You must remember one thing, and that is you are investing in yourself. If buying a car or a house is an investment, then this surgery is also. Those two things have monthly financing plans; it is fact that weight loss surgery also has such a plan. You only really need to make a down payment (the higher, the lower the monthly fees), and pay a monthly fee. If you happen to have a windfall, you can always make extra payments and reduce your monthly fees.

Shop around, as you should to find the best rates; some clinics may offer better monthly payments than others. Match it with the services that you want, some services you may want to cut out (such as extra seminars), and that may help reduce the cost. Ultimately though, remember that this is not a waste of money; you are investing in your self-esteem, your health, and your future. This investment will help you on your way to a new journey, and potentially a new life, a much higher quality of life.

The success behind healthy living is the willingness to make necessary changes to your lifestyle choices. Whether you have to modify your dietary plans or reduce any bad habits, every action you take has a reaction to your overall health. Eat healthy. Live healthy. Be healthy.

Weight Loss Surgery FAQ:

Question: Why is weight loss surgery so controversial?
I work with weight loss surgery patients. The decision to have weight loss surgery is a personal one. Why is there such a stigma on people who have surgery. Obesity is a disease. It is proven that weight loss surgery improves health. Why do people ridicule those who have surgery?

Answer: I have mixed feelings about the surgery. I have heard of a few stories where the surgery the person had caused more health problems than they had before they were obese. Also after seeing the biggest loser show and watching people shed 50% of their body weight when they were clearly obese at 300-400 lbs.; it makes it hard for me to believe that it is impossible for someone to lose weight without surgery. I also think that the surgery all depends on the person, look at some of the celebrates that have had the surgery, they look great.
You are correct though that it is a personal decision. I think as long as they know all the risks and make a life change it will all work out. I don’t agree with people who get the surgery and not change there life and then gain it all back, that just isn’t healthy.

Question: What is the best weight loss surgery to get?
I am 16 years old and extremely over weight. I have tried for years to loose weight but with minimum success. I want to get weight loss surgery to help the process. I know I can find a doctor to get this because I have called around and the doctors said they have operated on patients as young as 12. I am wondering which is the safest and most affective weight loss surgery for me?

Answer: If you are willing to spend that much money – try hiring a personal trainer to teach you how to properly work out, and a dietitian to teach you how to eat right. Give that a year and if you don’t lose at least 1-2 pounds per week, go with a gastric bypass. but remember – the surgery wont work if you don’t learn to eat right and work out.

Question: How to get pregnant after weight loss surgery?
I just had weight loss surgery 5 months ago and seem to be having problems becoming pregnant. Can anyone tell me what I could do to better my chances of becoming pregnant?

Answer: You should not be even trying to get pregnant five months after gastric bypass surgery. It’s not recommended to even TRY until 12-18 months when your weight has stabilized. Your surgeon would flip out if you told him that you are already trying!

Between your rapid weight loss, limited capacity, and still healing from MAJOR surgery, your body IS NOT READY for pregnancy.

I’m not trying to be rude, but didn’t they go over this in detail before surgery?!? I had to sign a form specifically detailing that this was discussed.

Question: How do you not shrink down to nothing after having a weight loss surgery?
I was just wondering how you do not go to severely underweight after having a weight loss surgery. Because my moms friend got one and has become really skinny, so how do you stop losing weight once you have reached your goal weight?

Answer: Weight-loss surgery changes the anatomy of your digestive system to limit the amount of food you can eat and digest. With her stomach pouch reduced to the size of a walnut, she has eat very small meals during the day. This alone can help a person loose weight. During the first year you are retraining your body and because you are eating different than you have been for the past 10-20-30 years your body looses so much weight very fast because it is burning off much of the fat and converting it to energy. After a year or 2 like most diets and weight loss attempts your body reaches its limit, it gets accustomed to the things you are doing and you will then stop loosing weight. At that point its all about working to keep it off and maintaining the new life style.

So the short answer to your question is the body will reach a plateau and stop loosing weight after about 2 years. At first everything is new and your body is burning the fat for energy because you are eating so much less than you normally do.

Question: What can you tell me about Weight Loss Surgery?
I am meeting with a doctor next week about weight loss surgery and I was wondering if anyone went through this and can give me some pointers.I have a BMI of 40 and really need this surgery. Any tips?

Answer: Please let your doctor answer this for you. I have a father who is a doctor and a sister too, I would only let my doctor answer this. But my good friend was 400lbs plus, and had the band done about one year ago, it has changed her life. So think about it, but use your Doctors info.

Question: Are there college scholarships available for teens who have had weight-loss surgery?
I had weight loss surgery in October 2008, I was wondering if there were any scholarships available to me, and others like me for a 4 year college education.

Answer: Why on earth would there be? Did the surgery make you any smarter or more suitable for any particular degree program?

Question: What Do you think of plastic Surgery for weight Loss?
I have tried Diets and weight loss programs and private trainers and I have lost weight however I have a problem area in my lower stomach (maybe because I had 3 kids and 1 was a c-section). So do you have any other suggestions? If not my only other option is weight loss surgery what surgey would you recommend? Lipo? tummy tuck? I have heard awful stories about tummy tuck.

Answer: If you’d like my honest opinion, would say tummy tuck. There will always be scary stories for everything, but this kind of surgery is ideal for what you’re describing. Because it’s not really “fat” that you’re trying to get rid of, right? It’s that skin that’s been stretched beyond natural repair, so lipo won’t do it, nor will weight loss surgery. And tummy tucks don’t cost an arm and a leg either!! I’d speak with a professional in each of the areas (lipo, tuck, weight loss surgery…) to see what makes sense to you.

Question: Does weight watchers has different plans for folks who have had weight loss surgery?
I am curious about the nutritional impact and the focus on protein first that weight loss surgery places on it’s patients. I am 5 years out and just want to drop 20 lbs.

Answer: They don’t have one certain plan for that. But you can use the plans that they have. The people at weight watchers are so nice and want to help you. I have been going there and I have lost 30 lbs. It works. And you can do it! Good Luck!

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